Florida Divorce & Child Custody Appeals | Fixed Fees

Our firm prefers to handle divorce appeals through fixed fee arrangements in other words, the fee is determined before the firm begins work on the case.


Bruce Law Firm, P.A. appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with family law attorneys across Florida to fulfill their clients’ needs for appellate representation.  When working with Bruce Law Firm, P.A., referring attorneys are able to maintain the continuing relationship with their client while knowing the firm will handle all of the often tedious legwork of diligently representing their client at the appellate court level. 

Referral Fees:

Bruce Law Firm, P.A. pays a 25% referral fee to referring attorneys in accordance with the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar when their clients retain the firm to handle the appeal of a final or non-final order under a fixed-fee representation arrangement.

Pricing & Limited Money Back Guarantee:

The firm offers fixed fee pricing for appellate representation.  Click here for the firm’s rate schedule for appellate representation.

The firm offers a limited money back guarantee.  The purpose of the firm’s money back guarantee is to ensure that the firm stays on track with completing your client’s appeal.  All too often, lawyers undertake appellate representation and drag out the process by filing for multiple extensions of time to file their appellate briefs.  Why make the appeal take longer than necessary by delaying until tomorrow what can be written today?  With our guarantee you’ll know your client’s appellate lawyers will not mess around and will complete your client’s appeal in a timely fashion.

If the firm does not provide a draft brief for you and your client’s review within forty-five days of receiving the transcript and complete record in your case your client’s fee will be returned and the firm will complete representation of your client free of charge.  This guarantee also applies to answer and reply briefs, with a draft of the applicable brief being due for your review within forty-five days of the filing of the opposing party’s last brief.  The firm’s limited money back guarantee is more specifically explained in the complete copy of the guarantee included with your client’s retainer contract with the firm.

Consultations & Strategy Sessions:

In most situations, clients will initially choose to have one of the firm’s attorneys review the order they are considering appealing and then discuss all available options through a Consultation & Strategy Session which can be conducted in person, over the phone, or through a video-conference.  Some clients will also have an attorney review the transcript of their trial/hearing as part of the Consultation & Strategy Session.

The Consultation & Strategy Session is a useful service to help determine whether or not it is worth appealing the judge’s ruling in your case.  As explained in more detail on the firm’s pricing page, the firm charges a fee of $250 for a Consultation and Strategy Session that includes reviewing the ruling that your client wants to appeal and then discussing the order and the strategy for moving forward with your case.  The firm also offers a more comprehensive review whereby we also review the pleadings and transcript of your client’s case in addition to the court’s ruling.  The price for this more comprehensive review and strategy session starts at $1,250 and depends on the length of the hearing at the trial court level.


Call (561) 810-0170 or click here for more information about scheduling a consultation and strategy session with the Florida Divorce & Appellate lawyers of Bruce Law Firm, P.A..  The firm’s practice is limited to divorce and family law and represents clients in all of Florida’s appellate courts under fixed-fee pricing arrangements with a money back guarantee.  The firm shares fees with referring attorneys pursuant to Florida Bar rules.  All information on this website is subject to this Legal Disclaimer.  Click West Palm Beach Divorce Lawyer for the firm’s other divorce and family law website.